Pat Walkington Education Sales & Marketing

Here are some frequently asked questions your company may have as it prepares to enter the K-12 Education Market for the first time, or launch a new product into this market:

• Is your company ready to enter the Education Market?
• Do you have confidence that your products will sell to schools and districts?
• Do you have a way to reach and retain your customers?
• Do you have reliable channels to get your products to market?
• Are you satisfied with how your products and company are

Pat Walkington Sales and Marketing provides its clients with the analysis, planning, management, and implementation required for them to successfully enter the market for K-12 school educational technology, services related to technology or supplementary educational products.

Let us show you how we can help you:
Assess the potential of your business
Increase your company’s revenue
Enhance your company’s visibility

When you decide the time is right to have predictable quarterly and annual sales of your company’s products, a strategic marketing and sales plan, and a systematic method to reach and retain your customers, we are the most qualified people in the school industry to help you achieve these goals.