Increase Your Companies Revenue

Q: Does your company need predictable quarterly and annual sales of it's products or services in the K-12 market?
Q: Does your company know where the funding will come from to purchase it's products or services?

Pat Walkington Education Sales & Marketing can help you by providing these services:

Sales Program Design

  • Market opportunity analysis including researching funding opportunities and segmenting the market.
  • Territory coverage analysis/development
  • Sales program budget development

Inside Sales Program

  • Estimation of program costs and analysis of resources needed
  • Implementation checklist and budget
  • Development of job descriptions, compensation and incentive plans
  • Design and management of inside sales program
  • Sales reporting and tracking

Establishment of Field Sales Programs

  • Territory coverage plan design
  • Territory management training
  • Design of job descriptions,compensation and incentive plans
  • Sales reporting and tracking
  • Sales meeting planning and execution
  • Special events planning

Sales Support

  • Sales incentive programs
  • Sales meeting planning
  • Channel incentive programs

Establishment of Dealer Channel

  • Identifiy dealers and value added resellers best suited to sell client's product
  • Develop agreements and contracts for dealer channel

Develop incentives and volume rebate programs

  • Develop channel incentive programs
  • Provide interium management of accounts

Development of Channel Partnerships and other strategic alliances

  • Identify channel partners best suited to bring a particular product to market
  • Identify channel partners requirements to sell product into the market
  • Secure appointments and work with client to "pitch" the product
  • Assist with and support company during presentations
  • Outline a follow-up plan for each potential partner